Revelation of the Abaddon Walter Tegelaar


Published: June 27th 2014



Revelation of the Abaddon  by  Walter Tegelaar

Revelation of the Abaddon by Walter Tegelaar
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Revelation of the Abaddon is a story that had to be told of a secret society that is looking to dominate the world and how a group of friends undertake the many quests to stop them. Through the passage of time certain acts have become history but one final act still needed to be completed.

A pact had been completed between God and the Devil to test our world and the people in it still had to find place.Jesus had come to walk with God and the Devil now wanted to test his way. He fabricated the Devil’s Stone. Who would be worthy and when would this all happen?

Many times in history the Devil has tried to influence the decision that was to come. People were found who would take up the fight but then were found wanting or lacking courage.Jack Wouters and Frank Jameson were closer than brothers. They had gone through the school system together: primary school, high school and later university.

Jack was the so-called jock being athletic and captain of every sporting team. Frank was the self confessed nerd and captain of the debating team. Jack always protected Frank from the bullies and Frank always looked after Jack’s back.Join Jack, Frank, Jess, Elli as they could help to shape the future of the world or aid in its destruction.

How would Hawk, Spider, Rat and Snake combine together to help us set for the ultimate challenge? This is a vast, fast paced story that weaves between countries and governments desperate to hide the truth and do anything to influence the outcome.

It tells of sub plots that involve the lead characters and their families that will touch your heart.It is fundamentally a ripping story that has both fact and fiction interwoven to keep you guessing.Chapter Guide• The Beginning• The Secret of the French Alps• When friends would be enemies• Amulets of Power• Pentagon troubles• Trouble in China• A Traitor• A Terrorist Cell• The Time of the Giants• The Time of the Ark• The Time of the Ancients• Revenge is sweet• The Time of the Pharaohs• The Time of the Redeemer• The AbaddonWalter Tegelaar © 2014

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